Welcome to my mobile page

This is my mobile page whith information about apps for your Tablets and Smartphones and some green tips.

Because there are really a lot of texts and many big screenshots for "normal" computers, I don't provide all of the content also for mobile devices and all the content for normal computers is really not relevant for mobile devices. Therefore, here is only a small selection of apps. If you have a resolution with a minimum of 1024 pixels (e.g. iPad mini, horizontal) you'll see my regular pages with content for all devices, anyway.

What you get on my normal pages:

Freeware and Open Source Software!

My pages are all available in English and German and I'm using a lot of the programs since a long time and tested (see screenshots) the others closely. All reviews are written by myself, I don't use the developers descriptions.

There is a lot of Open Source Software and Freeware for Windows, Linux distributions like Ubuntu and Linux Mint, Mac OS X and iOS, Android and Solaris, FreeBSD and other BSD derivatives.

Furthermore, I translated some progams which you can find on my site.

Cursor themes for lefties!

Get Music legally and for free!

Alternative and free Operating Systems!

Have fun, Frettt.